Policies, procedures, disclosures

RENTAL AGREEMENT:  All parties agree to and will honor Terlingua Nights Cabins Rental Agreement as defined and described here as to stated terms, policies and disclosures.  Each party and guest agree to accept the terms of this agreement by reserving a cabin and securing via the transfer of currency by deposit or payment to Terlingua Nights Cabins.

Rental Agreement Terms, Policies, Disclosures, Procedures:

Rental Rates:  Are shown as a range to allow for seasonal variations.  Our on-line booking tool reflects set seasonal rates.  Feel free to use this service or call or email to request specific rental rates for your dates of travel and accommodation needs.  We can also help adjust for any applicable deals, promotions, or discounts!

Check-In Time:  Standard check-in is any time after 4:00 pm CST.   

Check-Out Time:  Standard check-out is 11:00 am CST.   

Check-Out Details:  Please leave all towels in the basket provided.  Turn lights off and turn a/c up to 78 degrees or heater down to 55 degrees.  Place all trash in trash cans.  Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked.  Return key to central drop box located at bath house front entrance.  Please notify management of any damages.  There is no need to contact a staff member for standard check out time. Simply let yourself out and travel safely.

Cleaning Fee:  One-time cleaning fee per reservation charged to prepare your cabin for your stay, stock and restock linens, bath towels, consumables, to dust, clean windows, furniture, surfaces, remove trash, keep the grounds, trails and more.  Your cabin is thoroughly cleansed before and after your stay.  We are a ‘bunk N go’ concept, so daily maid service is not provided.  For longer stays, we are happy to provide an interim cleaning as an added as option per your request.  If you prefer alternate housekeeping services, please arrange with management prior to your stay.

Taxes:  By law, a 13% Hotel Tax is required to be collected and remitted (7% County Tax; 6% State Tax) for all stays less than 28 days.  Stays 28 days or longer are exempt from Hotel Tax.  Completion of State Hotel Tax exemption form (can be obtained from management) is required to receive this exemption benefit.

Discounts:  We are proud to offer discounts for our return guests on subsequent booking reservations.  Be sure to book under the same name or list pertinent names on booking information to receive this benefit on your future stay with us.  We also offer multiple cabin rental discounts and an entire property rental discount.  Inquire with management to have these discounts applied to either your reservation or your invoice prior to your final check-out date.

Security Deposit:  A $250.00 security deposit can be charged/held to credit card until the completion of your stay.   If charged, it is fully refundable within 7 days of rental completion with no damages, policy violations, or excessive cleaning requirements.  The security deposit may be waived upon management discretion with credit card or payment information on file or merchant service option that provides a re-bill option for any actual incurred damages or policy violations.

Payment Terms:  Deposit of 50% is required to confirm a reservation.  Remaining balances are due 15 days in advance of reservation arrival date.  Full payment is required for reservations within 15 days.

Most guests pay by credit card, debit card, Zelle, Paypal, Stripe, or Square.

Reservation Confirmation: Reservations are confirmed once deposit &/or payment are received.  Upon receipt of deposit &/or payment, a confirmation notice is sent via the email address provided on the reservation docket.

Guest Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Accommodation fees are refundable in certain circumstances as outlined here:  Guests requesting cancellation 30 or more days in advance of the reservation check-in date receive 100% refund of all accommodation deposit and fees paid minus a $50.00 cancellation fee and any processing fees.  Guests requesting cancellation less than 30 days prior to the scheduled reservation check-in date, will receive a refund of 100% of cleaning, pet, & security deposit fees minus a $200.00 cancellation fee, any processing fees, and a remaining balance to be refunded will be calculated and is contingent upon whether the cabin is able to be rented to another party for some or all of the scheduled stay.  Final refunded amount will be calculated and processed after the booked reservation check-out date.  All efforts to rebook an empty cabin will be made to assist our guests in unforeseen circumstances.

Pets:  Pets are generally not allowed.  Failure to disclose a pet and pay the pet fee(s) will result in a fine (see below) and non-refundable cancellation of your reservation.

Pet fee is $50 for one animal; $75 for two animals only with management pre-approval prior to reservation date.

No Smoking Policy:  All indoor spaces are NON-SMOKING.  Smoking is only allowed in designated, outdoor areas.  Smokers are responsible for managing fire risks and properly disposing of their own cigarette butts or other smoking paraphernalia.  Violations result in a $275.00 fine and a non-refundable cancellation of your reservation.  

Damages:  Guests are responsible for any damages caused by themselves, other members of their party, guests, or pets.  Guests are requested to advise Terlingua Nights Cabins management of any damage(s) immediately.  This allows us to make arrangements for repairs and keeps the costs of repairs lower by avoiding after hours repairs or special trip charges  (*Remember Terlingua is in a remote location and supplies are often not readily available.  Pre-planning is a must down here!!).  Guests will be billed reasonable and necessary cost of damage repair or replacement.

Fines: We reserve the right to charge fines for violations of rental agreement and/or any  property policies.  Fines up to $275 may be assessed for failure to disclose a pet, smoking outside of designated areas including but not limited to smoking inside a cabin or bath house, if extreme cleaning is required, or damage is incurred without notifying management prior to check-out.  This also includes not disclosing the correct number of overnight guests or accessing / using the staff only areas including laundry facilities without special arrangements approved by management and laundry usage & water usage fee obtained.   We reserve the right to modify fee schedules as necessary and may charge up  to $275 for policy & rental agreement violations.

Driveway Access & Parking:  Our driveway is located immediately off Highway 118, exiting east directly onto our property.  Free parking is provided (park in designated areas only). 

NOTE:  In the event of heavy rain or snow, flash floods can occur.  Flash floods quickly recede once the rain stops.   Do not cross flash flood waters.  Unpaved roads and driveways can be slippery and muddy or covered in a sticky-wet type clay native to the area.  Even experienced drivers can become stuck or suffer vehicle damages in such conditions.  It is best to wait for unpaved roads, driveways, and parking to dry out.  If the drive appears to be impassable due to water, mud, or any washed out area, call us for assistance and repair.  If you have questions about road conditions, please call us: 432-371-2992.  Parking is available in designated parking spots on the property and is free of charge.

Electric Service Outages:  Power outages may occur especially when storms are present in the area. Due to the vast service area of the electricity company, it may take a while for the electricity company to locate a problem and restore service.  Note: A loss of electricity can cause a loss of water pressure due to electric water pumps.  Please call the power company and us to report any power outage.  We will do our best to keep you informed on expected restoration of services.

Water:  Water is a limited and precious resource in the desert.   The small amount of rain received per year, mostly falls in the short summer monsoon season.  Please help us conserve our water.  Please turn off the water while brushing your teeth, when soaping up and shaving.  Our water is obtained from costly bulk water deliveries and rain catchment.  The water is non-potable (non-drinkable).   Fresh drinking water only should be consumed for human drinking purposes.  Please make sure toilets do not continue to run between uses.  Please report any water leaks.  We do not provide on-site laundry for guests personal use.  Laundry services are located at the Study Butte RV Park for a fee that can be accessed if needed.  Thank you.

Firearms:  Discharge of any firearm is prohibited on all Terlingua Nights Cabins property.

Hunting:  Hunting is strictly prohibited on all Terlingua Nights Cabins property. Processing of game animals or disposal of animal products remains is not allowed.

Collecting of Artifacts, Rocks, Plants, or Animals:  Removing or disturbing any artifacts, rocks, plants or animals is strictly prohibited.

Injurious Plants: The desert is home to lots of plants with thorns or sharp points.  Be careful when outside and keep a close eye out for safety especially with children and pets.

Dangerous Animals: The desert is home to many wildlife species that can be potentially dangerous to humans or pets.  Potentially dangerous wildlife known to exist here include venomous snakes and insects, cone-nosed beetles, mountain lion, Mexican black bean coyotes, javelin, bobcats, and area birds of prey.  Generally, the native animals try to avoid human contact but care and caution should be maintained.  Venomous snakes:  Note: Four species of rattlesnakes and one species of copperhead live in the region.  However, most rural areas or park lands in the southern US have far higher populations of venomous snakes than Big Bend does.  Due to the harsh environment, many venomous snakes limit their activity to morning, dusk, and night.  Always use a flashlight at night and watch where you put your hands and feet!  There is reason to be aware but no reason for excessive fear or worry.  Appropriate caution should be heeded for both desert plants and animals.  If you see a venomous snake near the proper, cabins, or bath house, please notify us and we will safely remove and relocate it.

Liability:  Terlingua Nights Cabins, owners, or managers, are not responsible for any loss, theft, damage, injury, or illness.  By accepting a rental reservation, guests and those in their party or visiting guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the property.

*Terlingua Nights Cabins.   All rights reserved.

*Rates and availability are subject to change.